Inspector Protocols Home Inspections during COVID-19 Crisis

Effective immediately, all inspectors in the employ of BEST INSPECTION, INC. are to operate under strict protocols

  • Do not visit a site if you have any symptoms. (Fever, cough, loss of sense of taste, body aches or pains, etc. Notify your supervisor by phone, do not show up!)


  • Upon arriving on site, each inspector will glove up, mask up, install shoe covers. Tool bags, tool belts will be lightly sprayed with provided disinfectant spray. (Due to shortages, we will provide a recipe mixture using 75% alcohol as the base) 


  • Do not seek to “soak” these items, a light spray is sufficient. A very light spray to overall clothing by each inspector to each other is necessary.

  • Each inspector will make every effort to minimize “on-site time”, minimize contact with all surfaces. 


  • Upon completion of the property inspection, inspector will contact client using facetime, and detail the findings of the inspection, using this tool to visually make client aware of any “unusual” conditions, safety concerns, major integrity issues about the structure inspected. 


  • At completion and once you have exited structure, remove gloves pulling inside out, dispose of in a trash bag. Re-spray all equipment, tool belts. (We are seeking to not bring contaminates into, or out of these properties.)


  • The current standard practice; digital signing and payments links will continue to be used for all agreements, standards of practice transmission, and payments, shall continue.


  • Sellers, buyers, or Realtors are strongly urged to refrain from being present during inspections. Any person present must follow the same protocols as the inspectors. Due to shortages, these persons will need to provide their own PPE (personal protective equipment). Please explain that our firm is licensed, bonded for entry into homes, and we carry MLS lock box access licensing to access MLS listed properties. 

Paramount is the life-safety and well-being of our clients, Realtors, homeowners and our staff. The home inspection is an essential part of the purchase or sale of a property. As professional inspectors, we have been trained to work in environments where there are potential sewage, mold, or chemical contaminates.  Our profession is vitally important to our clients. We are mandated to reveal major safety issues, structural integrity concerns, and deferred maintenance conditions that have the potential to have devastating financial impacts, or may result in physical harm to the occupants of a home. Our service, while often maligned, is vital to the real estate transaction.  Your strict adherence to these protocols is essential. 

These protocols will be followed until our firm determines it is safe to discontinue do so, based upon MOA Emergency Order 03, and the directions of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) personal.

Jim Foss
President, Best Inspection, Inc.
2440 E Tudor Rd., #401
Anchorage, Alaska, 99507
Office: 522-Best (2378)
Cell: 229-0419

(Rev. March 28th, 2020)