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Meet The team


Jan Foss

Home Inspector

Hello, my name is Jan Foss. I am a fully licensed home inspector with the Best Inspection. During my youth, I was involved with multiple investment properties where my family and I performed major remodeling and maintenance. This experience has given me a wealth of knowledge about the ideology of how a home is constructed. I am currently attending university for an engineering degree, which is the exact mindset that I bring to the home inspecting process,  which is to be methodical as well as forensic during my inspections.


My goal when performing a home inspection is not only to be methodical and thorough but also to be a teacher to the homebuyer. I try to explain in detail the systems of the home to the buyer as well as any repairs and services that can and should be performed by the homeowner from changing filters to simply re-caulking a backsplash. It is my goal that my clients are not only protected in their investment but well acquainted with the features of their new home. I bring my teaching to my pre-listing inspections by giving sellers possible solutions to unique problems that may arise when selling older or unique properties. 

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