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Meet The team


Joshua Bloink

Home Inspector

Hello, my name is Joshua Bloink.  I am a home inspector with Best Inspection.  My family and I have lived in Government Hill here in Anchorage for 10 years.  Gina and I have two children, Gaige, and Clara.  I grew up in a family of tradesmen, mostly electricians, in Port Huron Michigan.  That is where I gained my interest in the building trades and love working on houses.  

On my own projects, I enjoy doing all aspects of building and renovation.  I appreciate the satisfaction that comes with framing a building.  Of course, the electrical wiring is my favorite. Plumbing is like putting together a puzzle, where you need to know exactly the right fittings to use.  Heating and ventilation are critical for a healthy space.   Bringing, it all together with drywall, paint, and finish carpentry is what makes it look good, but what matters is underneath.  


My understanding of how the different components of a home, work together to make a safe and comfortable living space, will help make sure your new house is the home you are looking for. 

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