Congratulations! You are close to achieving a lifelong goal buying a house. In 1992, I unknowingly bought a home with significant defects. The inspector was quick, and the report a short check list, and the inspection ineffective. After excavating the rear foundation to reseal the leaking wall, and replacing a third of the 1st story rotted supporting structure, ... I vowed to never let this happen to anyone else. My Pledge to You; I dedicate 100% of my time & energy delivering first class service to you, my client. My philosophy about real estate is simple. I put my self in your shoes, treat you like family, and treat your money like it was my money! My goal is to become your personal building consultant for life!

With so much invested in the purchase of your house, you will want it professionally evaluated by a trained, expert home inspector. There is a huge difference between inspectors. Saving $50 can cost you thousands, it did in my house in 1992. Most inspectors will walk through,  hand you their check list - items fail or pass - and leave! My clients' sellers most frequent comment is "my inspector didn't go in the attic ... he didn't check that at all" Sadly, this occurs frequently!

I ask that you accompany me on the inspection of your new home. We can discuss your concerns, and different maintenance approaches (often just so you can properly evaluate the tradespeople you might hire for repairs). Back at my office, I carefully review my digital photographs and notes, then create a comprehensive written report with photos inserted identifying areas of concern and items that need attention before you close on the house.

This is your BEST opportunity to insure you are making a sound investment. Let me be there to help. Contact me today!  


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